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Why an Independent Firm?

As fiduciaries, we believe that it is our responsibility to be fiercely independent.  Have you ever wondered why your broker keeps trying to sell you the same product or solution time and time again despite the fact that you don't understand what value it has for you?  It may be because your current broker is "captive" and not "independent."

At City Center Financial, LLC we maintain our independence by doing two things:


#1: We utilize a completely Independent Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory firm.  CoreCap Investments, Inc. and its affiliate CoreCap Advisors, Inc.  Take a minute to visit their website www.corecapinv.com. What do you notice?  Nothing fancy, no sales gimmicks, and no product pushing. CoreCap provides City Center Financial with a fully independent platform which allows us to keep our fiduciary responsibility to our clients in the forefront.


#2: We maintain contracts with the top insurance brokerage firms in the country, allowing us to have thousands of solutions at our fingertips to solve your retirement needs.


Take a minute to watch the videos to fully understand both the power of working with a fiduciary and a truly independent firm.