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Next-Level Investing Is All About The Details!

We encourage you, before you watch our videos, to review the video from Masterful Chef Gordon Ramsey.  No getting distracted after watching it!  What we're hoping you take away from watching this video is the level of attention to detail that Gordon takes when he's cooking.  Each item he shows how to cook contains within it a critical detail that sets his cooking apart from an average cook.

  1. When he chops an onion, he wants his onion to remain fresh as long as possible so he's developed a chopping technique that prolongs the freshness of the onion while he's cooking. 

  2. When he cooks rice, he seasons the rice prior to the cooking process to enhance the flavor of the seasoning into the rice.

  3. When he takes the bones out of his Salmon he has already removed the skin so that the bone removal process will only minimally tear the flesh of the fish.

  4. When he sharpens his knife, he is mindful of his hand positioning to avoid cutting himself!

  5. When he cooks pasta, he avoids the pasta sticking together into a clump by adding olive oil while it boils and by bringing his pan to a full boil before putting the pasta in.

The same level of attention to detail that Chef Ramsey applies to his craft of Masterful Cooking, is applied by us when we're investing our clients dollars for their retirement planning needs, goals, and wants.  It is our hope that as you watch the videos below, you will come away with an understanding that we are not an average cook in the Kitchen, but a Masterful Chef of Retirement Investing strategies, attending to the details necessary to provide you with the highest quality of service possible.

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