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Risk Management

"The essence of investment management is the management of risks not the management of returns."  

-Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet's Mentor)-


At City Center Advisors, LLC we believe that managing assets begins with a careful and calculated method of building portfolios to reduce risk and maximize returns.  This methodology is best illustrated with an understanding of the efficient frontier model and how it can be used to an investor's advantage.  To learn more about the efficient frontier please view the video below.

Should I Hire an Investment Advisor?

Q: "Kyle, do I really need an investment advisor?"

Kyle McCauley


Managing Partner

City Center Financial, LLC

A: "Investment advisory services generally sound like a good deal for both the advisor and the investor. The investor pays the advisor to invest their money, and the advisor charges a fee on the total dollar amount of the investable assets that are in the account that he or she is managing.  So when the investor's portfolio grows, the advisor's paycheck grows as well.

Additionally, since the advisor is charging the investor an advisory fee they should also be disclosing trading costs and custodian costs so that the client knows exactly what they're paying to receive active management of their portfolio.  Meaning, that the advisor should be able and willing to sell investments that have a poor outlook or excessive risk in favor of investments that are less risky and offer more opportunity.

Unfortunately, what we find is that many people come into our offices paying advisory fees will often have little to no trading, and are invested in the same investments today that they were invested in 5, 10, and even sometimes 20 years ago.  Most of our clients simply cannot afford to be invested in risky investments that were suitable for them in their 30's and 40's but are unsuitable options for them today."

At City Center Advisors, LLC we utilize active management to maximize, to the best of our ability, our client's returns and minimize risks.  Our investment options range from investments that are designed to generate income (dividend, bond, LP, REIT, BDC, and other types of yield), to investments that seek to maximize tax efficiencies, and other options that focus on capital appreciation.  Wrap fees do allow us to significantly reduce costs for our clients who are invested in our actively managed portfolios.  We are very proud of our investment advisory fees and would be happy to compare our fees with your current fees.  Simply call us today to schedule a time to have your portfolio reviewed.

At City Center Advisors, LLC we proudly serve the Lansing, Port Huron, and southeast Michigan communities for investment advisory solutions.  Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Warren, Southfield, Utica, Auburn Hills, West Bloomfield, Franklin, Clawson, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding communities.  Additionally, we serve clients in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  And in New Jersey. We would be honored to serve you and your family.

Investment Advisory vs Broker Services

Investment Advisory


1. May significantly reduce costs for actively managed portfolios.

2. Advisors will increase their pay as the account value grows which incentivizes active monotoring of the account.

3. Promotes an active relationship between the advisor and the client which allows the client to gain a trusted financial partner.

4. Fiduciary relationship--investments typically managed within a financial plan.


1. Could incentivize a lack of activity on the part of the advisor (ask questions if your portfolio is stagnant for long period of time).

2. May be more costly if investments are held for many years at a time.

3. Excessive trading may generate tax risks on Non-Qualified Assets.

Brokerage Services


1. The Majority of fees and costs are paid at the time of purchase.

2. Good for investments that are intended to be held for many years.

3. Often Good for Tax minimization for Non-Qualified Municiple Bond Investing.


1. Tends to be more expensive if the funds will be moved from one investment to another in a relatively short period of time.

2. Sometimes investments sold in this way will have liquidity restrictions that may penalize the sale of the security within a certain time frame.

3. Incentivizes needless movement of assets in order for the broker to generate additional commission.


Q: Where are my investments held?

A: At City Center Advisors, LLC we utilize TD Ameritrade for the majority of our custodian services.  TD Ameritrade is ranked very highly in many categories and its the reason why we consistently get great feedback from our clients about TD Ameritrade.  To learn more visit:

Q: What is Your Investment Advisory Fee?

A: Due to the complexity of fees for investing and the lack of transparency among many of our competitors, we choose to share our fees with people in face-to-face meetings.  We are very proud of our fees and have been consistently told that we help our clients save significant amounts of money in investment advisory fees.  We encourage you to set an appointment and we will be happy to discuss fees in a transparent and open way.

Q: Do I pay for every trade that is made on my account?

A: No, at City Center Advisors, LLC our clients pay a wrap fee for all investment advisory services which covers brokerage execution costs with no regard for the number of transactions that are executed during a particular billing cycle.

Q: Are you a Fiduciary?

A: Yes, at City Center Advisors, LLC our firm is held to a Fiduciary standard as outlined by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  The recent ruling by the Department of Labor has not had any impact on our firm, as we were already operating within the rules laid out.

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