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Retirement Planning at City Center Financial

Our Retirement Planning Advantage

Our proprietary Retirement Defender planning process is an industry standard of care. Utilizing research tested strategies* for your retirement future.


It all begins with income! We will help you evaluate the right income strategies that can you bring you peace of mind. These strategies will incorporate Social Security planning strategies, and pension income strategies.  We utilize our own proprietary software to help our clients maximize their income over the course of their retirement.


All effective income plans will incorporate tax planning strategies to mitigate long and short term tax considerations over the course of your entire retirement planning future.  We developed our own proprietary software to provide this value to our clients.  Consider this article or this one to learn more about the value of tax planning for retirement.

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Once your income plan is established, we’ll work with you to implement an investment plan utilizing research tested strategies*.  We've invested thousands of dollars building the infrastructure to be able to optimize client portfolios and increase efficiency.


We will help you understand and manage the risk in your portfolio. Our research tested* strategies help our clients minimize their risk exposure for retirement investing.  We will also review risks to your retirement like medical expenses later in life, survivor risks should you be married and one of you passes away, or what happens if inflation is higher than expected, these and other risk factors are considered when we build your plan!


One of our greatest values, and one of the primary reasons why our clients continually refer us to their friends, family, and acquaintances is because of the comprehensive income planning we provide to our clients.  This income planning specifically focuses on tax mitigation strategies that we have been able to help our clients reduce lifetime expected tax exposure by thousands of dollars over their lifetimes.

*Pfau, W.D. & Kitces, M.E. (2014, January). Reducing Retirement Risk with a Rising Equity Glide Path. Journal of Financial Planning, Volume 27(Issue 1), pages 38-45.  *Click Here to Read the Article Below*

A Recent Forbes article addressed why there is such tremendous value available from doing Retirement Planning, verses traditional Financial Planning. (We could assume-of course-that any planning is better than none!)

We Know Retirement®

Our Retirement Planning Process

Our financial professionals come from a diverse background and allow our clients to relax, share their concerns, their dreams, and engage in a partnership with us, to develop a plan that's specifically constructed for you!

When You Meet With One of Our Advisors We Will

  1. Assess your Current Strategies & Finances and provide you a Score of Retirement Readiness

  2. Analyze opportunities for you, using our Propriety Income, Cash Flow, & Tax Analysis Software

  3. Deploy our Risk Management Software to identify the key risks that your retirement faces

  4. Identify Top Priority Risk Factors and Communicate Possible Solutions

  5. Demonstrate how our planning creates value for you verses traditional investment brokers.

  6. Communicate openly and transparently about fees & costs to work with us.

Client Program

Once you hire one of our Retirement Planning Advisors to work for you, it is our promise to maintain the following standards in how we work with you and all of our clients.

  1. We will always maintain fiduciary status. This a legal standard that we hold to, that requires us to act in our client's best interest.

  2. Fee Transparency. You will always know all of your costs for working with us, even the "hidden" costs.

  3. Ongoing income planning and a continual commitment to look for tax planning opportunities to benefit you.

  4. Engaged Investment Management. We are not passive in our approach to investment management. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients' portfolios. New strategies, changes to the research, these are things that we are constantly educating our clients on, and trying to maximize their ongoing investment experience.

  5. Periodic Review Visits. We look forward to our periodic visits with our clients, where we can make sure that all our planning is attending to real-time changes that can happen in our client's lives.

  6. One-on-one consulting. The educational, consultative approach that we had in earning your business, is the same approach we commit to for the rest of your retirement.

  7. Multi-Advisor Team Oriented Office. All of our advisors have a commitment to implementing research tested* retirement planning strategies for our clients. Should the unfortunate occur, and your advisor pre-decease you, you can rest assured that City Center Financial will work with you to pair you with the advisor that you are most comfortable with to continue your retirement planning future without skipping a beat.

*Pfau, W.D. & Kitces, M.E. (2014, January). Reducing Retirement Risk with a Rising Equity Glide Path. Journal of Financial Planning, Volume 27(Issue 1), pages 38-45.  *Click Here to Read the Article Below*

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