Retirement Planning

The Know Your Retirement Process

Our proprietary Know Your Retirement process is designed to help our clients achieve simplicity and confidence during their retirement years. It’s focused around 5 key areas of your current financial situation:



We’ll help ensure your expenses can be paid month to month with
reliability and predictability for the rest of your life.



Once your income plan is established, we’ll create an investment plan for the remaining assets that you do not need to draw from month to month.


Any comprehensive Retirement Plan will include a strategy for addressing taxes.


We’ll create a plan designed to help you protect yourself against rising healthcare costs both now and in the event of Long-term Care.


It’s important to make sure that any remaining assets you’ve worked so hard for go to your beneficiaries instead of taxes. 

We Know Retirement

Please take a moment to view the video to the left that talks about the holistic approach we take at City Center Advisors, LLC.


Retirement Planning at City Center Advisors, LLC is the product of our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.  As a financial planning firm, it is our responsibility to ensure that every single recommendation that we make to our clients is in their best interest, and that we are able to provide a reasonable basis for that belief.

In addition to the financial planning, we also utilize the Monte Carlo testing that was originally developed by scientists in the 1940's for use in weapons testing for the development of the first nuclear bomb, and is still used today for evaluating complicated probabilistic interpretations.  We feel that the same level of seriousness that those scientists applied to nuclear weapons testing is the absolute best basis for testing and measuring our clients risk in retirement.


Please take a moment to view the video that provides a brief explanation of monte carlo testing.


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